After racking up an impressively high fever of 104 degrees and the attendant expensive trip to the hospital, I’m stuck languishing with the “Influenza Type A”!  Nasty bug.  I begin to understand how it could kill millions back in “the day”.   They prescribed me Tamiflu, and basically said other than that the best treatment 21st century science has to offer is “Tylenol and fluids”.

Which really doesn’t help for the splitting headache and throbbing joints.  I’m profoundly grateful for my family’s care.  I would not have been able to drive to the hospital on my own, and even fixing food would have been difficult.  I don’t know how individuals without a family or spouse endure significant sickness alone.

Aside from a smarting case of the stir-crazies, the worst thing is the lost instructional time.  Somewhere out there, student brain cells are being used beneath their potential!

On the other hand, while I was at the hospital, I saw most of the movie “School of Rock”, which really could be used by teachers as a professional learning tool.  No joke.   For one, strategic use of the Jack Black crazy eyes and high kick can always help discipline in a classroom.  “School” is also an example of  “collaborative learning” and pedagogical artistry.