Theological Thursdays: Our Needs, His Providence

“Whatsoever we ask which is not for our good, He will keep it back from us.  And surely in this there is no less of love than in granting what we desire as we ought. Will not the same love which prompts you to give a good, prompt you to keep back an evil thing? If, in our blindness, not knowing what we ask, we pray for things which would turn in our hands to sorrow and death, will not our Father, out of His very love, deny us? How awful would be our lot, if our wishes should straightway pass into realities; if we were endowed with a power to bring about all that we desire; if the inclinations of our will were followed by fulfilment of our hasty wishes, and sudden longings were always granted.  One day we shall bless Him, not more for what He has granted than for what He has denied.”

–H.E. Manning


For His great love has compassed

Our nature, and our need

We know not; but he knoweth,

And He will bless indeed.

Therefore, O heavenly Father,

Give what is best to me;

And take the wants unanswered,

As offerings made to Thee.



Holy Diver: Worst Music Video Ever?

Is this video/song the worst heavy metal ever made?  Decide for yourself:

The lyrics are so bad they’re hilarious.  A sample:

Holy Diver
You’re the star of the masquerade
No need to look so afraid

Jump on the tiger
You can feel his heart but you know he’s mean
Some light can never be seen.”

Now if I can only get the rest of the theology department to perform this song at the faculty talent show…

When Peasants Attack & The League of Bearded Catholics

Behold, my new favorite blog,  an excerpt from which follows:

Remember, the whole idea of the League is to get together with other Bearded Catholics (and beardie sympathizers) of like mind. Now, some may look at The League as probably just an excuse to get together and drink beer, and… okay, they would be right, but, the important thing is that between beers and snacks and all that, we try to devote a few minutes to Saving Western Civilization From Itself. In fact, I believe one strikes a blow for sanity and civilization just by the act of getting together (hopefully over adult beverages and some cheesy comestibles).

Everything’s digital, now… friendships, correspondence, the family photo album… The internet is a varied and marvelous thing, but can it cook? Can it lend you an umbrella? Can it hold your hair while you throw up? I submit that it can not. Remember, The League of Bearded Catholics is not just a blog… it’s an adventure!

Since the latest post is a little lengthy, I suggest you start off with some lighter fair.   In the spirit of the punnish “Fence Post”, I offer you some ridiculous artistry of “exotic” medieval fighting.   This could easily be entitled “When Peasants Attack”.