Happy Robocalypse!

This time of year is one I must look on with ambivalence.  I always feel like I give Christmas (the real, Jesus-sourced season) short shrift, and in the busy-ness of the holiday season rush headlong into New Year’s.  From the old to the new…

On that note, I give you a new “Robocalypse” installment, this one themed after the upcoming “Terminator: Salvation” flick.  A higher resolution copy of this clip can be found on the movie’s website or at Apple’s trailer section.


Motorcycle Jesus!

Awesome video, brought to my attention by the boys and girls at G4.

Oh, the Deceit!


Dear readers, long has it been since I’ve posted, having just escaped from nefarious clutches of the vast Robotic Conspiracy poised to bring civilization to its knees!

Behold, I give you a robot that poops donuts.  Laced with psychadelic drugs or poison–or just as a dastardly ploy to fatten us up and rob us of our fighting edge–these could spell the end of us all.  The Robocalypse is upon us!