Is the RNC Being Run By Idiots?

I have to ask, because when they called me tonight to solicit a donation, the script of complaints about Obama had nothing to do with outrageous government spending, the likely expansion of infanticide and abortion, stealth taxes, or restrictions on civil liberties.  They harped on his actions with the (irrelevant) UN and bowing to foreign dignitaries.   

This post will doubtless bring some sort of triumphal reaction from my friends that are Obama supporters.  But I’d suggest that glee in the face of an inept or toothless opposition party is extremely unwise.  

A robust party system is a democratic necessity, and protection against excess.  Should it fail to exist–especially in an age of politics as polarized as our own–it can lead to very bad things.  Things like revolt or civil war.  There is increasing talk of such possibilities, and it is by no means isolated to demagogues or nutjobs.   Some of that talk is coming from very solid, patriotic intellectuals, members of both sides of the political spectrum (Orson Scott Card, a Reagan/Kennedy Democrat, is one who sees such a possibility).  

People, we may have to take matters into our own hands, because the politicians of both parties aren’t listening…


One Response to “Is the RNC Being Run By Idiots?”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Yeah, the Republicans are in disarray. For a few reasons as I see it. They’ve always been bad at organization, branding, and getting messages out. Dreadfully bad, if the way they run primaries is any indication.

    One specific change this time are that the Republicans have acted so poorly in the past several years on fiscal responsibility issues that they have left their base disgusted with them and looking for leadership elsewhere.

    Another is the lack of leaders rising to the top. McCain failed and hopefully will stay in the background. All this recent news about Powell is a sham; he’d never do it, and he’s only ever spoken about a few issues, leaving a massive gulf of leadership on the wide range of issues today. Gingrich is trying to rise to the top, and Romney may be, and they might, but they have tough battles.

    Still, remember all the talk about how the Left was in disarray for the first several years of Bush’s presidency? Look what came of that. And then of course there’s the Carter presidency cycle that we’re repeating.

    In other words, a few years of “disarray” can easily swing back to massive landslides.

    The problem is that Obama has opened fire full bore on America and doing as much permanent or lasting damage as possible as quickly as possible. I mean, $1.84 Trillion in new debt THIS YEAR? This year is less than halfway through–it’ll surely be revised upwards! And the current stats are showing that it took Bush 7 years to spend this much over budget. So bet that by the end of the year, Obama will have broken the budget in a single year more than Bush–previously the biggest spending president in history–did in his entire term. And Obama is promising over $500 billion in deficit spending every year for the next decade.

    The first black president is not proving the triumph of our civilization over slavery. He is selling each and every living soul in this country and all of their future children and grandchildren into slavery. There are few historical legacies so diabolical.

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