Death to Og & Merry Christmas!

If you are a family member and are reading this prior to the Christmas party, READ NO FURTHER, lest the Lord smite thee!


*Gift Spoiler Below!



On the eve of Christmas, I thought it apt to share what is perhaps the “most favored” gift I’m bestowing this year:  The Action Bible!

One can obtain this stunning book for half-price with the right mix of consumer savvy and patience (cough *Borders Rewards membership*).  It is a hefty tome, formidable enough for home defense, and the stopping of bullets.  Should Philistines burst through your door as you’re reading to your child, you’ll be as well armed as was Samson when he hefted the first WMD (the jawbone of an ass) and slew a thousand.

I daresay adults may enjoy reading it as much as children, though I’m guessing whole swaths have been judiciously omitted, lest all that biblical “knowing” between men and women result in the wrong kind of Action!

Mayhap a more thorough review will follow, once the gifted tear through the shrink wrap.

Oh, and the whole “Death to Og” thing is a reference to the biblical slaying of the heathen king Og of Bashan, whose name in Hebrew means “Gigantic”.  One who the modern “ancient aliens” nutjobs think was the offspring of aliens/nephelim and humanity.


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