No Matter What…

Last night Kerrie Roberts performed her first concert in my city.  I heard it was quite something.  Unfortunately, I had to be at a meeting for a charity I work with, as I’m responsible for having secured the venue for an upcoming fundraiser.   I’ve only heard one song by Ms. Roberts (linked below), but she reminds me of Nichole Nordman.  Both women aren’t just gifted vocally, but are talented songwriters whose lyrics have depth and meaning.   I have found them to be sources of encouragement in an often frustrating Christian walk.

When great suffering or tragedy greets some people, it can come to dominate their life and leave wounds that last decades.  I have seen in some of my students how a betrayal by a parent or other loved one can twist and embitter an entire life.  One can become lost in asking “Why?”.

The blessing of being a Christian is that one need not be defined by great tragedy.

Remembering God puts things in their proper perspective.  The real answer to suffering is not to be found in a human understanding, but in an awareness of the presence of God.  If there is suffering, and it is offered to and born for the love of God, that suffering can have a purpose, though it be not known until years later, or even on this side of death.

Pain is not the end of the story.  Not in a universe built by a God of love.



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