I try not to pay full price for anything.  One of the ways I’ve found to save money over the years includes using on-line rebate sites like Upromise and Ebates.   Each has its own advantages.  Upon signing up with Ebates, you automatically earn either a $5-10 gift certificate from one of many vendors (iTunes, etc.) or $5 to your cashback.  You’re rewarded an additional $5 for every person you refer that signs up.  From thence onward, when you shop with any number of big name retailers using links from Ebates, you get varying percentages of your purchase in cashback.  Cashback checks are sent out several times a year (2-4, I can’t remember which), and best of all THERE IS NO FEE to use the service.  I’ve saved over $45 dollars in the past year through their program.

Occasionally, certain stores will offer double the normal percentage of cashback.  Some tips:

1.  I like buying Entertainment Books through them.  They give 25% back, and if you wait until February or March, can snag a book for as little as $12.50 each (since they have five $5 off Shop N Save coupons–among thousands of others–it quickly pays for itself).

2.  Buy through Borders and Barnes and Noble when they offer double cashback bonuses (8%).  These stack with the normal coupons offered by those stores, allowing up to 49% off (40% off Borders coupon+8% Ebates+1% Credit Card).

3.  They have arguable the best discount on Popcorn Factory and some of the Flower delivery services, and several of the Shoe stores (8-12% cashback–just make sure you have the right brand and size, or you’ll lose money exchanging/returning them).

You can click through to eBates and get started with the link below (yes, you’d be giving me a referral bonus, which I’d appreciate).


One Response to “Moneysaving:”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Try setting as your home page and use it for all your searches. It gives $.01 to a charity of your choice (if they’re registered with Goodsearch) for every search you perform.

    Also, they have a section. This area lists a ton of online vendors who contribute a percentage of every purchase to your charity. Also, the lists often include coupons and discounts at those sites, in addition to the charity donation.

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