The Menagerie of Weird…

I know the title’s not grammatically “proper”.  Call it a deliberate aesthetic choice to convey mood…like the punctuation of ee cummings.

From time to time, study hall in the dorm impels me to take great treks across the unknown vastness of the internet.  Sometimes these are inspired by students themselves, as they send me progressively dumber youtube videos (like “Party in My Tummy”, which a junior requested we play prior to class).  On other occasions, I delve into the paranormal, an area of childhood fascination that generally succeeds in staving off soul-crushing boredom.

It was during a paranormal foray that I stumbled across the hilarious blog “Ask Doc Paranormal”.   Doc Paranormal brings a refreshing blend of wit and humor to a field that often takes itself far too seriously.  The latest post:

“Crop Circles” Turn Up On Hairy Guy’s Back.

I’m also particularly fond of his series on “HypnoCrime”, which includes the article “A**hole Hypnotizes Dumpy Girl With Trigger Phrase “You’re Beautiful.”

Other recent articles?

Dreaming Of Butts: What It Means.”

“The Theology Of NASCAR.”

“Michael Jackson Is Being Harassed In Heaven”

“Are Modern Witches Hotter Than Old School Brand?”

Check it out if you hanker a laugh.

One Response to “The Menagerie of Weird…”

  1. peter fenton Says:

    I am a close friend of Doc Paranormal and would like to extend thanks on his behalf for your heartening review. As an academic, you may be interested to know that Doc Paranormal is an Adjunct Professor Without Portfolio at Edgar Allan Poe Community College, an online, blue-collar paranormal trade school. EAPCC has a facebook page. If you visit and indicate you “like” it, you automatically become an adjunct student, with full privileges, including the freedom to trumpet your exalted new status to friends.

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