Healthcare Reform: Bait and Switch…Round II

In case you hadn’t heard, Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration are going to try forcing through the Healthcare Reform Bill by Saturday (March 20th).  This is the same bill they decided to sneak past the American people during a Christmas Eve vote in 2009, while the attention of most was elsewhere.  This time, they seek to circumvent the long-established procedures of the House by invoking the “Slaughter Rule”.

In brief, this scheme would seek to pass the less controversial items in the Senate bill and then claim the entire bill had passed.   One of the considerable risks of passing the bill this way is that it forces a “reconciliation period”, when any number of absurd amendments could be added to distort the original.  Think of it like a variable rate mortgage.  When you sat down and borrowed for your house, the interest rate might have been 5%, but you had no way of knowing if it would be raised 22 points in the future.  One needs only look around the housing market today to see the devastation such risk-taking and blind trust wrought.  We can ill afford to extend such trust to a measure impacting a sixth of our entire economy.

Though several law professors have pointed out using the “Slaughter rule” may very well be unconstitutional, Speaker Pelosi hopes it will give enough plausible deniability to save wavering Democrats from consequences at the polls.  After all, Rasmussen polls show only 42% support the bill (and only 23% do so “Strongly”), while 53% of Americans oppose it (46% “Strongly”).

Of even greater concern are the measures written into the existing bill.  The US Council of Catholic Bishops has pointed out that the current bill provides funding for abortions, fails to secure conscience clauses to protect healthcare workers who are asked to act contrary to their beliefs, and even favors particular states and ethnic groups over others.

Then there is the price-tag and lack of cost controls in a time of economic hardship.  Perhaps you heard the USA’s credit rating is about to be downgraded?

*Sarcasm* What’s not to like?

No wonder they want to slip this by the American people before we can examine the 1000+ page monstrosity and raise our objections.

So much for the will of the people.

So much for “transparency” and the Constitution…

Stand up and make your voice heard.  To the left in my Blogroll you’ll see a link that helps you find and contact your “Elected Officials”.  Use your power, before they trample on it.  Make sure the needed reforms are effected carefully and properly, rather than in the current ineffective and wasteful manner.


One Response to “Healthcare Reform: Bait and Switch…Round II”

  1. Stuart Says:

    The Slaughter Rule, Reconciliation, Deem and Pass, whatever they want to try, what it amounts to is totally circumventing the democratic process of our legislature. And they call themselves “Democrats.” What vile hypocrisy.

    Further, they continue trying to work any backdoor deal they can, pressuring any opposing legislators and asking them “what would it take for us to [buy] your vote?”

    The approach is not “we need to do this for the American people.” It’s “we must pass this bill regardless of its faults at all costs.” This is readily apparent in the continual refusal of the Democrats to even consider alternatives, removing offensive parts of the bill, or going through step by step to figure out what’s good and what’s bad.

    This thing was delivered whole, thousands of pages thick, with no widespread discussion and a refusal to even have that discussion. Instead, opponents were demonized, and supporters were gained with false promises and an emotional appeal to “stick it to the man,” to get back at those evil insurance companies (nevermind that it was the federal government that effectively CREATED our current insurance system in the 1970’s!).

    This bill, like the rest of the Leftist movement, is being pushed on faith in the State. It’s a religion, and one far unlike religions that seek truth because it opposes honest discussion of what may be right and wrong.

    Anyone who places faith in the State worships an idol, and this particular idol worship stands directly in contrast to honesty and the pursuit of truth. Even absent the actual faults of the bill and the vast damages it will cause, the mere methods by which has been proposed and pushed should be a clear sign to any Christian that dishonest, evil means are being used. This is indicative of the nature of the actual bill.

    On these grounds, I stand by the conviction that anyone supporting this bill and these methods is in the moral wrong.

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