When Peasants Attack & The League of Bearded Catholics

Behold, my new favorite blog,  an excerpt from which follows:

Remember, the whole idea of the League is to get together with other Bearded Catholics (and beardie sympathizers) of like mind. Now, some may look at The League as probably just an excuse to get together and drink beer, and… okay, they would be right, but, the important thing is that between beers and snacks and all that, we try to devote a few minutes to Saving Western Civilization From Itself. In fact, I believe one strikes a blow for sanity and civilization just by the act of getting together (hopefully over adult beverages and some cheesy comestibles).

Everything’s digital, now… friendships, correspondence, the family photo album… The internet is a varied and marvelous thing, but can it cook? Can it lend you an umbrella? Can it hold your hair while you throw up? I submit that it can not. Remember, The League of Bearded Catholics is not just a blog… it’s an adventure!

Since the latest post is a little lengthy, I suggest you start off with some lighter fair.   In the spirit of the punnish “Fence Post”, I offer you some ridiculous artistry of “exotic” medieval fighting.   This could easily be entitled “When Peasants Attack”.

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