I Threw It on the Ground!

In their never-ending quest to share with me all things inane, my students introduced me to “Saturday Night Live” comic Andy Samberg, and his video “Threw It on the Ground!”

I generally dislike rap, so I give Samberg credit for spoofing that genre’s ridiculous lyrics, and refusing to be “a part of the system”.  For those that might be in search of more of his work, beware.  Other videos are highly inappropriate, and definitely not suitable for public or family viewing (language and sexual innuendo, not violence or nudity).  In fact, some of his other work is extremely morally offensive (turned it off less than a minute in).  So offensive I considered not even posting this review out of concern people would seek out more of his work.  This video mentions tazing in “the butthole”, and that appears to be as tame as Samberg gets.

Still, this vid is funny.  I’m thinking of making a sequel.  There are some people I’d like to throw on the ground (of course, being a Christian I won’t, but that doesn’t mean a man can’t dream).


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