The Rise of Johnny 5

robot-johnny5In the days of my youth, two movies were released that featured the robot “Johnny 5,” a military experiment turned sentient.  “Short Circuit” and “Short Circuit 2” blended technology with lowbrow slapstick humor in a tale about a three-fingered robot with a gentle soul.

After seeing the Youtube footage below, I’m dearly hoping any future three-fingered robots resemble “Johnny 5” more than the Terminator.  After you see what this robohand can do, I think you’ll agree that we better hope humanity doesn’t have to square off against any AI mechanoid.

It is somewhat of a leap to imagine a world of humans enhanced and outfitted with robotic prosthetics, or humanoid robots with a level of AI, but then again I wouldn’t have imagined the hand would be capable of what it achieves.  Of course, the real marvel is not just the speed at which the robot operates, but the minds that made it possible.  Maybe there is reason to hope humanity would prevail (not that we’d need to, oh benevolent robot masters that observe us even now from the future).


One Response to “The Rise of Johnny 5”

  1. Anna Says:

    I could use one of those…do they come in red?

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