Irony: Obama and the Dalai Lama

6-02-fox-news-obama What do Fox News and the Dalai Lama have in common?  They’re both among the few people with whom Barack Obama refuses to meet.  When you look at the parade of crazies, tyrants, and murderers he has met with, the list of his snubs begins to look like awfully good company.

A more thorough examination of the political backhand the newest Nobel Peace prize winner handed to his fellow peace laureate can be read here.

It’s the height of irony that the Peace prize–a symbol of unity and willingness to step beyond the bounds of partisanship in courageous adherence to the truth–would be given to a man such as Obama.  I suppose it shouldn’t be much of a surprise, after the fiasco with Gore.  At least our president had enough sense left to feel some shame about the award.

I would say the last shreds of the Nobel committee’s credibility are yet another casualty of the Obama presidency, but Barack can’t really be blamed.  They brought it on themselves.

Cartoon by Glenn McCoy.

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