Take Back Your Dollar; Tax Holidays

dollar-sign Lately, depriving the government of as many tax dollars as possible (legally) has become a burning passion of mine.  Aside from deciding to dedicate some future blog posts to how people can curb our bloated government’s spending (by keeping your hard-earned money), that means I’ll be taking advantage of this weekend’s sales tax holiday.

Computers and software under $3500, clothing under $100, and school supplies under $50 qualify for the break, and some local municipalities are also waiving their taxes in concord with the state.  A full list of details for the state of Missouri can be found here.

Missouri has two sales tax holidays; the “Back to School” holiday, which begins the first friday of August and runs to the end of the first Sunday, and the “Show Me Green” holiday (annually April 19th to 25th).  “Show Me  Green” gives sales tax breaks on Energy Star certified new home appliances.  As dishwashers, furnaces, and dryers are big ticket items, that can be quite a savings.

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