Brush With Celebrity: TobyMac

TobyMac-RenovatingDiverseCity500pxI was privileged to work security at TobyMac’s sold-out concert last night.  He and the band have impressive stage presence, and though his style of music isn’t my favorite, it was a slammin’ show.  He didn’t do much preaching, but as a prelude to one song, spoke about remaining chaste and waiting for the one God has prepared for you.

Afterward, though visibly exhausted, he took time to sign autographs, which meant a lot to the fans.  As I and another officer escorted him back from the crowd, I got the chance to thank him personally for all he’s done for Christian culture and witness:

“Sir, if I could just say something…I’m a high school teacher.  I teach theology, and there are kids who will write me off because I’m a teacher, but they’ll listen to you.  Thank you for your message of chastity.”

He seemed a little surprised, and said there are kids who will listen to me that won’t listen to him (I think the reverse is more the truth).   He reached out and shook my hand, thanked me and wished me God’s blessings.  He’s a truly humble man who’s allowed his love for God to mix with his passion for music, and it’s doing profound things in the lives of the youth (many of my freshman loved his music).  If you like great performers who bring rap/hip hop/funk with a Christian message, don’t miss his show.


One Response to “Brush With Celebrity: TobyMac”

  1. Stuart Says:

    That’s great. I’m glad you got to meet him and have that exchange.

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