The False Idol of Government Healthcare

golden-calfThis week the Kennedy healthcare bill, another $600 billion government monstrosity, cleared it’s first hurdle.   It’s a nice dream; a country in which everyone has adequate healthcare.  It is a goal to aspire to reach one day.  But has that day come?  Is it even possible to deliver this dream, or is it a false idol that will bring ruin rather than well-being?

When one bothers to do even the most elementary level of research on the subject, it becomes quickly evident that universal government healthcare lies outside humanity’s ability to justly implement.

Here is an article of evidence, that is a timely expose on the government’s inability to adequately provide medical care for the 8 million military veterans in our country.   Some highlights:

Justice demands that government provide for the medical needs of those who have been injured in the conflicts it enters.  Yet prudence suggests that if government’s competence is strained even to fulfill this obligation, then creating new and ultimately unrealistic responsibilities for government will increase the likelihood and scale of injustice.

Veterans’ healthcare has accomplished amazing feats, and many of the health officials and workers who work in that industry do so because of their desire to serve those who served their country.

But the government must and should do a better job taking care of veterans, especially those wounded in America’s wars.

The government needs to prove it can handle existing obligations before proposing the adoption of any universal government plan. If it cannot handle the challenge of caring for 8 million veterans, how will a government bureaucracy manage a system dealing with 300 million Americans?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a display of ignorance and idiocy from a Catholic that misunderstands Catholic social doctrine and the Pope’s latest encyclical.  He is quite willing to tax the rich to fund an unachievable and wasteful system that would delay efforts that could bring the dream to reality, and therein lies the problem.  Too many Christians are worshiping at the false idol of government intervention, rather than with Christ in truth and love.  Christ, when faced with the hunger of the multitude, did not tell his disciples to resort to government intervention to solve the problem.  Christ urged his disciples to feed the multitude themselves.   It is a travesty that Christians would  choose government  coercion (taxes) instead of trusting human charity.   The rise of government welfare in the 30s hurt charity once (how many orphanages are around these days?), will we make the same mistake again?

Will we act with so little hope in the goodwill of fellow citizens–and God–that we implement an unjust system to forcibly take property from some in the hopes of providing for others?  God forbid we should be so faithless, and so quick to disavow our responsibilities in exchange for convenient government scapegoats.

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