Greensong and Goosepoop


How long has it been since you heard the whisper of grass against your feet, rather than concrete?  I was pondering that question as I walked Shaw Nature Reserve a week ago.  I got that sense of wonder and awe (and gratitude) the outdoors bring when I remembered that grass is only a fairly young species to appear on Earth (during the Cenozoic period), and that it’s evolution roughly coincides with our own.  It was rather nice of God to provide us with some soft padding to ease our earliest travels.  

I spent a little time in the Wildflower Garden, where I was surrounded by the comforting thrum of little pollinators. The dive and tumble of ubiquitous bumbles…every green thing lifting up soft praise to the Creator. 


I also got to see the strut of geese with new goslings, and almost stepped on a young copperhead.  Had any other hikers been around, they’d have been amused by the leap I took just as I was getting ready to step on Mr. Slithery.  



In all, Shaw is a beautiful attraction if you’re out near Washington, and well worth a seasonal stop.  Look out for the goosepoop, though!

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