ShamPOW: A Second Consumer Scandal!


Hard on the heels of finding the ShamWow song, students at school brought to my attention a story about front-man Vince.  As the students were telling it, a hooker bit off Vince’s tongue, which prompted Vince to punch her a few times.  Here’s hoping Vince had a ShamWow to absorb all the blood.  


Skeptical as to the whole biting-off of the tongue, I took to the “interwebs” to ascertain the truth.  Apparently, Vince is not sans tongue, but his crazy hooker did bite and refuse to let go, prompting him to play whack-a-mole with her face.  I’d feel sorry for someone here if I didn’t think this was karma sending a pretty obvious wake-up call to them both for poor decisions.  


2 Responses to “ShamPOW: A Second Consumer Scandal!”

  1. artaban7 Says:

    Tom, thanks for the links…I’d elected not to show the gruesome pics in my original post, but people are welcome to hunt them down themselves.

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