Who Do You Trust?

Last political post in a while–I promise.  I just couldn’t pass up pointing out the glaring incongruities in the recent passage of the so-called government “Stimulus Package”…


For some reason, hearing about the money our officials decided to throw at us, it made me think of the scene from the first Batman movie (though I should be thankful it’s passage wasn’t accompanied by a  bad Prince song).  Here’s Nicholson’s dialogue from the movie:

“And now folks, it’s time for who do you trust?  Hubba, hubba, hubba.  Money, money, money. Who do you trust? Me?  I’m giving away free money.  And where is the Batman?   He’s at home, washing his tights…And now comes the part, where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives.”

Granted, the government isn’t going to relieve us of our lives, just our money, and they’re doing it while trying to tell us they’re giving us “free money”.  It didn’t end well for many in the movie, and this “plan” will not end well for most of us.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of economics learned early on there is no such thing as a truly “free” lunch.

Incongruity #1: Many of the same politicians that opposed spending $79 billion to fund the first year of the Iraq war had absolutely no qualms about passing a whopping $787 billion Act during their first month in office.

To put that in more glaring perspective, in the five years we’ve been fighting in Iraq, we’ve spent just over $600 billion dollars.  And we were told that was too costly.  $600 billion in five years, vs. $787 billion in one month?! Somehow these politicians forgot to do math.

Incongruity #2: We’re told we should be thankful for the $14/week tax break each of us is going to get through this “package”.  Many aren’t saying that this plan basically saddles each and every American taxpayer with an extra $10,000 of debt.  I’m supposed to be happy with $14 a week, when I’m going to have to pay back $10,000?!  Let’s see, I need to collect $14/month for 14.8 years to pay off my share of the extra taxpayer debt (without any interest adjustments). I’m 29, so I’ll only be 44 when that “tax break” finally pays for itself.  Wonderful…


One Response to “Who Do You Trust?”

  1. Arandur Says:

    Actually, in a sense, Uncle Obama and his Peeps ARE offering to relieve us of the burdens of our “failed and useless lives.” Well, some of us. Those who are getting bailouts for their companies and industries, foreclosure relief, and funding for their interest group programs. Failed and useless, but too big to let fail, so the gov’t transfers the liability to the taxpayers and their kids.

    Not only has Obama almost instantly outdone Bush in spending (has he now outdone all 8 years of deficits? those for which he roundly criticized Bush), but he did so while finding ways to let the money flow to various Democratic interest groups while hardly letting the legislature or the general public even look at what he’s doing–how’s that for transparency and accountability, for “change?” Sounds like he’s just trying to outspend and out-“corrupt” Bush already.

    Allow me to add Incongruity #3, if I may: 2001-2004 saw the maligning of corporate America due to the scandal of villainous CEOs who cooked books, perpetrated fraud, and caused the collapse of their companies to the devastation of many. We prosecuted them (most not hard enough, but nonetheless). Fast forward to 2008-9. Same deal, bigger scale, this time with gov’t (notably Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) collaborating with most of the financial industry. Warnings and whistleblowers from years earlier ignored. Only now, rather than filling white collar prisons, we shake down the taxpayer for some extra cash to cover those misdeeds and give even more power to the guilty.

    Of course, the taxpayer is already squeezed from the loss of his assets to this fraud (home value, retirement, investments), so rather than take more money directly, Uncle Sam kindly takes out a mortgage on behalf of the taxpayer on the taxpayer’s future, gives back a tiny portion of this mortgage in the form of tax breaks and incentives, and tells the taxpayer not only to be happy with this pittance, but to praise and worship the Messiah for magically using that mortgage to save the taxpayer’s job (“saving or creating” some 3 bazillion jobs being a demagogic attempt to make everyone beholden to the Chosen One for making sure we don’t all lose our jobs).

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