Chump Change

People’ve been asking me what I thought of the inauguration proceedings for our new president.  Honestly, other than noticing the $200 million taxpayer pricetag to the self-congratulatory orgy, I was too busy applying for a second job to bother. 

I’ve actually been spending more time following the growing list of Obama nominees/appointees who’re guilty of tax evasion:


Tom Daschle–$140,000


Timothy Geithner–almost $50,000. 


Nancy Killefer (whom Obama ironically said would “help restore the American people’s confidence in their government”.)  Oh Nancy, the years of tax evasion have not been kind…

Yes, vaunted public officials, you told us it was our “patriotic duty” to pay taxes, then you showed us the depths of your patriotism.  I’m just glad to see our president did his homework before nominating qualified people to protect the public trust.

Not that there isn’t plenty of corruption to spread among the parties, but really, these fiascos just back up one of my important pre-election points–power attracts the corrupt.   The last thing a sensible person should want is to concentrate unprecedented power in an institution (the federal government) that attracts such corruption.  There was a method to the madness of our Founding Fathers.  

Maybe if we could actually get government officials to pay their taxes, we wouldn’t be running a deficit.


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