Day of Wonders!

Snow Day #2 was interesting, with many amazing discoveries and narrow escapes.  As I get twitchy when confined indoors (and in isolation) for any length of time beyond a day, I took to the wintry streets to snap some photos:

1.  Survival on the Steps


I like my landlords, but they inexplicably chose to paint my steps with a slick, high-gloss paint, meaning that anytime there is snow and ice, I take my life in my hands with my travels.  Today, I again survived.

2. Intestinal Turbulence Avoided (check the expiration date on that box).


Yeah, that’s Bisquick almost three years beyond its expiration date.  While I was cleaning my apartment, I got rid of some nasty old foodstuffs.  Not shown here: Rock-hard mini-marshmallows (which tragically did taint my hot chocolate yesterday–after they refused to melt), a two-year outdated box of “Mango Crisp” cereal, and the cranberries I swept out from behind my oven.  If you haven’t guessed it, baking in my kitchen is a perilous and messy enterprise.

3. Icy River, Forded


Okay, so I really didn’t ford the river, but it fit with the numbered themes, and was dramatic, so yeah…I just got pictures of it from afar, while dodging surprisingly active trashtrucks wheeling about in residential neighborhoods.


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