Pre-emptive Strike!


Twenty-eight years of life I’ve withheld judgement on Valentine’s Day.  I value the (often forgotten) origins of the holiday and what it stood for, but I think it’s time for the day to go.  Love has the option of ruling every day–it doesn’t need it’s own special day of celebration.  

I’ve seen too many singles start suffering when the shelves get chocolate-stocked after New Year’s, and I’ve had to council some of the (many) broken-hearted teenage boys crushed by idiot girls that think VD is a great time to break-up with someone.  So I’m just going to do it…I’m going to call Valentine’s day out on the crap that it is–a commercialized day of pain that has brought more heartache than good.  


But you know me, and I try not to leave people on a downer ;).   V Day needs a replacement.  And not just a day of wholesome goodness, which can only be celebrated by the few.  We need a week, celebrated by all.  So band together with me to sign this petition to institute National Pie Week (and don’t forget to let Olivia know we want it to replace Valentine’s day).  


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