Rise of the Dolphins

Popular Science did a feature on the 20 spookiest weapons of all time. Our cetacean friend here is #6. Starting in the 1980s, the Navy began training bottlenose dolphins for use in military operations. Apparently, they were even outfitted with cameras and friggin’ dartguns, which they would use to eliminate divers sent to plant bombs on Navy vessels. That’s just wicked cool. I read stories like this, and I wonder why anyone would be opposed to military spending…

PETA generated a lot of flack over the shameless exploitation of “innocent creatures”, but I’m not buying the dolphins’ clever act. Frankly, I’m just glad its us that won the lottery on opposable thumbs, or things could’ve turned out very differently.

One Response to “Rise of the Dolphins”

  1. Arandur Says:

    Did you know about the bat bomb project? It was intended to be a plague upon Japan of Biblical proportions.

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