Yeah, because that’ll work…

Barak Obama is running a new ad on Missouri television in which he toots his own horn. Seems he’s proud of a bill he co-sponsored to help keep nukes out of terrorist hands. In this new video (not linked here…yet) he also says a nuclear Iran “is the greatest threat to the world”.

This is fascinating video to me, because he’s gone on record earlier with the opposite opinion:

It’s also fascinating that Obama actually thinks passing a law is going to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. HELLO!! They’re terrorists, I don’t think they’re concerned with following any laws! It might be a different matter if he funded the military, but the only thing that’s going to deter someone insane enough to use a nuclear weapon is a well funded system of operatives actively seeking out such people and equipped and capable of subduing or killing them.

To be fair, the Lugar-Obama Nonproliferation Bill isn’t a bad idea, but if you read the findings in Section 2, you may wonder (as I do) why they only appropriated $55 million from now until 2012 to develop a “national technical forensics program” to develop technology to screen cargo containers and detect smuggled nuclear weapons. Then they only appropriated $5 million to help fund the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in developing “guidelines for securing nuclear materials and to assist national authorities with implementation of guidelines” and $10 million/year to fund the IAEA in monitoring dangerous nations.

I’m sorry, but the funding levels are laughable when you consider the findings and the real threat. When we studied post-Cold war Soviet successor states (poli-sci class at Vanderbilt U), it was accepted as a matter of fact that Soviet nuclear materials were missing, that the Russian mob probably had nuclear weapons or weapon components at their disposal, and that, while those materials are highly dangerous to transport and maintain in working order, they are out there.

$55 million over four years?! Do you think rogue nations and terrorists are only spending $55 million to develop or acquire nuclear weapons? When is Mr. Obama going to start living in the real world, and realize that intelligent Americans aren’t going to appreciate such meager efforts to protect us?


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