One of my daily reads is a science feed from Scientific American.  Today they featured an article on how one would become Batman.   Check-it.

I disagree with a few of the things the guy says…it doesn’t take that much training to fight multiple opponents (I say that having faced two and three opponents in street fights on more than one occasion).  Also, he overestimates the training time for martial arts mastery.  Thirteen to eighteen years if you have a day job like a normal guy.  As my best friend’s brother once said, “His (Bruce Wayne’s) superpower is money.”

Wayne’s got nothing but free time and the funds to hire the best to train him.  I know, I can’t even believe I’m having an argument about a fictional character, but we’re talking about the friggin’ Batman, and that kicks in every guy’s inner geek.

There also is no specification as to which Batman we’re talking about…the Christian Bale Batman or the Adam West Batman.  I’m pretty sure the training regimen to becoming Adam West entails a six pack of beer:

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