Muppets and the U.S. Senate

Just saw this story from Monday’s Washington Post: “Senate Votes to Privatize Its Failing Restaurants”.

Bet you didn’t know the Senate was in the restaurant business, and has subsidized it with taxpayer money for years. I find it deliciously ironic that the Democratic majority is privatizing a government agency, mainly because its managed to lose $2 million dollars in the last six months alone.

In a letter to colleagues, Feinstein said that the Government Accountability Office found that “financially breaking even has not been the objective of the current management due to an expectation that the restaurants will operate at a deficit annually… All told, they bring in more than $10 million a year in food sales but have turned a profit in just seven of their 44 years in business, according to the GAO.”

And people wonder what universal government health care might look like?! That’s a 20% rate of waste just on the provider end of things. What do you think happens when people have no motivation to limit personal health care expenditures due to their own budget? Do you think they might go in for that optional tooth whitening procedure? Some bicep or boob implants–for their self-esteem of course, or as a treatment for depression. Or with the rising rates of obesity, maybe the real temptation is the easy out of gastric bypass surgery rather than diet and exercise.

By all means, if we want to bankrupt the nation and impoverish future generations, let’s go for universal government health care.

Double whammy, and hirdy-yirdy-urdy (as the Swedish chef might say).


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