That’s Hot…

As I contemplate trading in Nago (my CR-V) for a Civic Hybrid, I’m given pause by the release of information concerning one of Honda’s next generation vehicles. Of course there is the Honda Clarity (not pictured in this entry), their hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle undergoing consumer trials this year in California and New York (68 MPG). Then there is the CR-Z (all photos in this post), a sporty little hybrid that debuted at several recent auto shows.

CR-Z stands for “Compact Renaissance Zero”, and is a standard hybrid with very clean emissions. No word on the exact MPG, and I was initially skeptical as to whether it will actually make it to production, or go the way of most concept cars and never see time on a dealer lot.

I may end up being pleasantly surprised. One auto journal stated there are plans to rollout the CR-Z in Japan and North America in 2009. A local Honda sales manager said the CEO was so stoked about the CR-Z, he thought we’d see it in 2010 or 2011. I may end up waiting to trade in old reliable, to get my hands on a car that is so obviously an Autobot (I totally should’ve photoshopped the decal on the front).


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