Messin’ with a Housemate

Meet the Elvis of the Muslim world.  The reason you’ve never heard of him can be summed up by explaining that his innovative (and vigorous) pelvic thrusting resulted first in his ritual castration under sharia law, then the lighting of his tremendously flammable hat.  Dark humor, anyone?

Anyway, as one member of our community left last week to establish life with her husband, we found ourselves welcoming someone new to our house.  Today she came over to finalize room arrangements and get acquainted with some of the ‘habits of the house’.  

Of course, I proceeded to totally mess with her.  I even had her convinced “that we have a tradition called ‘funny hat Thursdays’, so I hope you have some outrageous headgear”.  

It was going to be hilarious when she came home on her first Thursday in a fez or something, but then Katie lost it and laughed.  No matter.  It looks like we may start up a “sombrero Sundays” tradition anyway.  I pity the fool that won’t comply…


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