I don’t know why, but this pregnant she-man keeps appearing in the news.  My sister and I got to talking about how you really designate this person (is he a she?  an it?).  Furthermore, we wondered, how is the birth going to actually happen?  

I mean, what do you do about the male “plumbing” when that kid has to come out?  Is it just going to flip up?  That’s when we realized what this person truly is…a Decepticon (from Transformers)!  Not only because she/he “transforms”, and is “more than meets the eye”, but also because of the deception factor.  It’s Transformer name could totally be “Mangina” or “Megatranny” (Megatron would be so ashamed).  

Royalties totally need to be sought from Transformers director Michael Bay, if for no other reason than the lifetime of counseling the child is going to need because of the sexual confusion of his dadmom…or is it momdad?  I’m so confused…


4 Responses to “Decepticon!”

  1. TheBon Says:

    I suspect the correct pronoun is either he, or “ze” which is a term that is supposed to be without gender, from what I little I understand about trans-gender pronouns.

    That said, it drives me batshit crazy that this is news at all. As far as I can tell, this is not someone with a penis. This is someone who was born a woman, and who is considered legally male because he has had chest re-constructive surgery and has had testosterone therapy. He did not have his reproductive organs meddled with. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure this man still has a vagina.

    Of course, it’s funnier to think of him as a decepticon. As to counseling for the child, I’m not sure it’ll even be that big a deal. It’s not like they’re in a super super conservative place where same sex relationships [who have children] are uncommon. I know of more confusing familial relationships than this.

  2. artaban7 Says:

    Bon, thank you so much for clearing up the trans-gender pronoun issue. The pronoun confusion and its instant ability to disrupt narrative flow was was driving me nuts (no pun intended).

    What’s even more odd about this to me (especially if ze doesn’t have a penis–as you say) is that there appears to be an entirely new artform spawned by this person’s “sex-change”. I discovered as much when I did the google image search for “pregnant man” that netted me the intro pic. It’s almost like the testosterone therapy and surgery is a bizarre form of performance art, which doesn’t quite rank it up there with Yale senior Aliza Shvarts’ “art”-induced pregnancies and abortions for utter grossness.

    Yes, you read that right, apparently a Yale art student’s “body of work” consists of artificial inseminations followed by self-induced abortions ( )

  3. TheBon Says:

    I read about that. I’m not sure where I fall in my thinking on her project, because I’m not sure I believe she actually did what she claims to have done. Meh. I don’t understand the motivation in any event.

  4. Plasticize Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Plasticize.

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