Gross is Awesome!!

Though it’s not always attractive, as I discovered when doing google searches for “nose-picking”.

Three of us were cooking dinner tonight at the house (four of us live in Christian community), and we got to discussing puberty.  As there were two of us males to one female, it quickly elicited the comment, “Gross!” from our lone lady.

Frankly, aside from the whole farting thing (nothing is worse than being farted upon by a girl), I like the girls who can be every bit as “gross” (read that, “down-to-earth”) as the guys.  Most ladies make like they can’t be gross, but it’s just a front.


Gross is totally awesome…


One Response to “Gross is Awesome!!”

  1. shesthinking Says:

    I knew a girl in middle school who swore she couldn’t fart. I told her she needed to get that checked out ASAP. My friend and I have competitions. I am still not open to doing it in front of my fiance but that’s because I don’t want to sabotage what’s left of our attraction towards eachother. Doing it in front of him is not the important thing, so long as he knows it gets done. I pick my nose. Sorry. Finding a long stretch of interstate on the way home from work is the best time. I only blow my nose when it’s absolutely necessary. It takes all the fun out when you waste an awesome find on a piece of tissue, never having the chance to fully investegate it. If I were friend’s with a dainty type of female, she would rip her hair out.

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