Savings Trifecta!

I’m all about saving money, so allow me to gloat over a recent accomplishment.  I managed to get $50 worth of groceries for $33.65.  Here’s how you can duplicate my success:

1) Obtain an Entertainment (coupon) book for your area.  They can be purchased this late in the year for $15 a pop.  Inside the St. Louis book, there is a page with 5 coupons for Shop N Save.  Each coupon gets you $5 off the purchase of a $50 gift card.  You’ll notice that even if you only use these five (among thousands) of the coupons that come printed in the book, you’ll have recouped the cost of the book.  

2) Purchase your $50 gift card with coupon for $45, using a cashback credit card.  I get 3% cashback on groceries with my Citi card, saving $1.35.  

3) Use your gift card (valued at $50) to purchase groceries on one of Shop N Save’s coupon Thursdays.  Since the promotion is for $10 off the purchase of $50 worth of groceries, you’ve just saved again.  

And that’s an extra $16.35 in your pocket!  Ssswweeettt!

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