Heralds of the End-Times

Biff and Scrotus, heralds of the End-Times.

Behold, “Biff” and “Scrotus”, heralds of the end-times.  

Twice over the past two weeks I’ve witnessed the “Desolating Abomination” spoken of in ancient biblical scripture…men wearing capri pants.  

God never meant for “manpris” to exist–I’m quite sure of it.  It’s like buying jeans with holes in them, doing so completely violates the principles of practicality and utility upon which manhood should be founded.  I feel genuine pity for the poor fellows. 

Capris work for women because a woman’s ankles, like virtually everything about them, can be alluring, and thus accentuated by apparel.  

But for a man?  Dude, no one wants to see your hairy cankles.  



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