Why hasn’t science saved us yet?


Okay, so maybe our expectations are too high, but couldn’t they at least have given us the flying cars and hoverboards we were promised in “Back to the Future”.  I mean, gosh, get to work, scientists!   Part of the answer to my question may lie in the fact that scientists are just as prone to be as bat-crazy as everyone else.  I submit for proof the entire life of Sigmund Freud, and this humble article from the great humor site, Cracked.  

Wilhelm Reich may have been a poor scientist, but you must admit the man had style; he thought sex influenced the weather, and that sexual energy could be harnessed by metallic contraptions.  Which really doesn’t make him all that different from ancient Taoist sorcerers.  They  believed a man could achieve immortality by balancing his yin and yang. One way you did this was to steal the female yang during intercourse–by getting her to orgasm without orgasming yourself (and thus losing some of your yin).  If you could accomplish that feat 7 times, then you’d become immortal.   In the long run, obtaining tiger testicle for an alchemical virility potion might actually be easier.  

Truly astute minds will wonder why any women didn’t achieve immortality, if the chi balancing process were so simple… 


2 Responses to “Why hasn’t science saved us yet?”

  1. Christa Says:

    Thought you’d want to know your link is broken…

  2. artaban7 Says:

    Thanks, Christa. It’s been fixed.

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