I admit it, I’m an iJunkie.  Microsoft will really have to innovate in the coming years for me to convert back from Mac.  My Macbook has been a breeze to use, and iPhoto and iMovie have simplified my media projects and saved me hours of time.   I remember working on expensive Magellan editing decks in college–now I can accomplish everything I used to do and more in half the time.  

Pages ’08, the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word, has one-click export of files into Word or pdf format, and iWeb beats any other website creation program I’ve used, with a very low learning curve.  Even the iPod classic I’ve started using is immensely easier to organize and enjoy than my mother’s Zune or my first mp3 player (a Sansa).  

I haven’t even tapped the full potential of the software, though I can access any number of video tutorials from the Apple website or iTunes–most in quickly digestible 3-7 minute lengths.  

There are a few drawbacks to Mac.  The price is a little steep (but well worth every penny), program availability is sometimes an issue (had a hard time finding a decent content filter), and the current company drive to create tiny products isn’t always good (the nanos & Airbook are much too easy to lose or break).   


2 Responses to “iJunkie”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hey man came across your blog and was wondering what the content filter is that you now use on your mac. I have also looked for a decent one but with no success as yet.
    If you could help

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