I’ve addicted my housemates to the show “How I Met Your Mother”.  I may come to regret my decision, because they’ve taken to calling me “Swarly” (one of Barney’s nicknames).  

Why do they insist that I’m the “Barney of the house”?  

Is it because women want me?  I am a sexy beast.  

Could it be a penchant for sexual innuendo (likely), generosity, or mischievousness?   If I were a mythic figure, I’d be Loki, or Coyote–one of the trickster gods. 

Or is it that I’m/he’s awesome, 24/7?

Probably all of the above.   

One Response to “Swarly”

  1. johnnypeepers Says:

    You a dirty dog holmes. I like your game though – keep em guessing. Well, if I was a member of the Fruitopian tribe I would wanna try ya.

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