Alternate Candidates ’08 pt. II

Cobra Commander
In pt. II of my post on independent presidential candidates, I bring you a man with a record…That’s right, it’s Cobra Commander, the terrorist leader from G.I. Joe.  I found this spoof absolutely hilarious.  
Pros:  Two words:  Weather Dominator!  Plus, if it “takes one to know one,” who better to track down Osama than another terrorist?  
Consider the Commander’s TV Spot (3 minutes).   
Cons:  (Turning the) Elderly into Food Program.   He’s a speech thief, as evidenced by Video #2 (2 minutes 40 seconds).  
All videos safe for public viewing.   

One Response to “Alternate Candidates ’08 pt. II”

  1. Sara Says:

    if i was old enough to vote and he was on the ballot i soo would vote fer him 😀

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