Alternate Candidates ’08

I’m personally not too enthused about the candidates that are “options” for this year’s election.  Granted, two of my friends might read this post and get on my case (since they’re trying to convince me–unsuccessfully–to throw-in with Ron Paul), but I thought I might highlight some Alternate Candidates for election ’08.  Here’s the first installment.
 Pros:  Half-crazy SOB, whom no sane man would mess with (unless of course said man had cohones the size of his head).   For an old man, he can dance.  If the nuclear standoff with Iran was settled in an international disco, Walken is a “Weapon of Choice” that would make Mahmoud look like an epileptic cripple.  
Cons:   Half-crazy SOB, who’s as likely to rip off a bodypart and eat it with his salad as he is to give you a handshake and a smile.  Many ridiculous wardrobe choices…not that anyone is going to tell him to his face!

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