Last friday, J.J. Abrams, the producer of Lost and the upcoming Star Trek flick, brought us the movie Cloverfield.  I like the lack of “the reveal” and the gritty feel of the footage. Hearkening back to Hitchcock and (more recently) M. Night Shyamalan, the trailer banks on the power of human curiosity and the terror of the unseen.  

Having seen it earlier today, I can say the movie doesn’t disappoint.  I enjoyed it, and *WARNING* I’m about to spoil parts of the movie, because a lot of the reviews I read on the web are plastered with misinformation.   

Contrary to certain reports, there is not footage at the end of the credits, though there is an audio clip which I could not make out.  I didn’t see the alleged UFO that some say is in the final Coney Island footage–and I knew to look for it.   Rumors of “Slusho” and a bad batch of beverage being the cause of the little monsters is a fabrication.  The little monster that bursts out of Marlena is clearly linked with the bite she suffers.  

I’m of the personal opinion that there were several “Cloverfield” monsters, and that in fact the military did wound or kill some (though perhaps that’s what I want to believe, for it would make a more plausible movie).  My reasons for this conjecture rely on the opening screen’s DoD text “multiple sightings of case designate ‘Cloverfield'”, the fact that the monster(s) look markedly different during three parts of the film, and that “cloverfield” could indicate that, like a field of clover where many plants spring up from one or a few, the monster splits and spreads swiftly.  

The initial monster that axes the Brooklyn bridge clearly has tentacles, while the massive beast bombed by the Air Force does not.  The mouths on several of them are also different, and some bodies are more bulbous, bloated, and many limbed than the last.   

I’d also point out the attack on the massive monster by the B-2.  It does seem to bring the beast down, and I contend that the body bursts, flinging a much smaller version of the beast away from the burning body of the original.  That is what collides with Rob & Hud’s chopper, and accounts for the beast that Hud captures up-close, right before getting eaten.  

It’ll be interesting to see if the sequel flops, or proves likewise innovative.  I recommend seeing this flick in the theater.    


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