robot-overseer.jpgPic caption: “Say my name, bitch!”

In my endless quest to chronicle all things apocalyptic, I bring you a dispatch from the wonderful world of science!  Today a group of researchers brought us the headline:  monkey’s thoughts move robotic death machine; End of World draws nigh!

Yeah, so I took liberties with the article’s title, but you get the point.  These happy bastards have brought us one step closer to the spawning of a Hollywood love-child. Imagine “Planet of the Apes” getting down and dirty with “The Terminator”, and you’ll pretty much see where we’re headed.

Will we be able to resist the nefarious assault of our robot-ape adversaries?Perhaps–I’m an optimist by nature.  If the first generation of robots is anything like this guy, we’ve got a shot.

The japanese have managed to create the first gay robot.  Which leaves us with a fighting chance.  On the other hand, when your average environmentalist can’t find their way out of a plastic tube, we’ve got problems.



One Response to “Robocalypse”

  1. drb4 Says:

    absolutely hilarious. what exactly is the advantage to a monkey controlled robot?

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