“Your Hair” for $500, Alex…


While waiting with my students at a Red Cross bloodbank, I happened to see the end of Jeopardy. The “final jeopardy” question was perhaps the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen: “The 118th person to fly across the Atlantic”.

Unsurprisingly, not one of the contestants knew the solution. I would have expressed my indignation by writing “Who is ‘your mama’, Alex” as my final answer. Then I’d not only have the honor of being the most insane contestant in Jeopardy history, but also the only one to fight Alex Trebek. You heard me Trebeck. Your mama…

I’ll throw down anytime, anywhere. You better bring the pain!!


9 Responses to ““Your Hair” for $500, Alex…”

  1. Kelly Boyle Says:

    My wife was watching Jeopardy on mute and I never heard the answer to the stupid question. Who was the 118th person to fly across the atlantic? It is a stupid question.

  2. will Says:

    actually, the question was “Who was the 188th man to cross the Atlantic”.

    The answer was some what easy if your understood the question completely.

    Lindbergh is the answer as he was the 188th person to cross, first in flight.

  3. will Says:


  4. Brian Knoblauch Says:

    So, who *was* the 118th person to fly across the Atlantic?

  5. mary Says:

    so what was the answer anyway?

  6. Bill M Says:

    Charles Lindbergh – He just did it solo

  7. mary Says:

    does aynoe out there know what the actual answer on JEOPARDY was???

  8. fade2black Says:

    I couldn’t believe nobody on the show got this. Seriously. The very fact they were asking it indicated that it was someone prominent in aviation history. I came up with Lindbergh as my best guess right away. And Will, no, he wasn’t the “first in flight.” First SOLO, yes. Now if I only could have remembered Herbert Hoover had been a mining engineer in China….

  9. A. Phyl Says:

    The merits of the question are so obscure that you’ve no choice but to resort to a ‘best guess’, as you put it. Which is a good strategy for the game, but still works for the point that it is pure guessing, not knowledge. As in, if Lindberg was number 118, who was number 113? Who the hell knows? Who the hell cares?

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