Holy Sperm Whale, Batman!


 Listening to a “Naked Scientists” radio podcast yesterday, I learned there’s a species of fly whose sperm is 20 times longer than its body.  I don’t know if I’m okay with that. 

They didn’t explain what evolutionary advantage might be provided by having such a ginormous reproductive cell.  Of course, I have my own hypothesis, and I’d put it in perspective with an example. 

Being 6 ft. 4 in., if I had X20 sperm, they’d be a whopping 126 feet 8 inches long!  Basically, that’s a whale of a sperm, and I’d send them out to conquer the oceans.  Imagine my boys wrestling sharks, orcas, and giant squids into submission.  Because my boys would be fierce!   But they’d also be gentle & chivalrous, like their progenitor.  They’d save women adrift in the sea, providing services as enormous, tailed, flotation devices.  Like giant sexual dolphins, really.    


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