Strangest Search Terms…

…that led people to my blog.  Oh yes, wordpress blogs have tools that allow you to see where your visitors came from on the web, and what search terms they followed to end up at the blog.  Here are some of the strangest (not ranked in any particular order, but with my comments in parentheses):

1.  Altitude and squirrel hunting.

2.  Example of people with twisted mind.  (To which I respond, “Guilty as charged.”)

3.  Guinness “longest pee”.  (It seems I have a challenger.)

4.  Vintage brothel protocol.  (WTF?  There’s “protocol”?!)

5.  Black gay Irish midget.  (Someone out there is stranger than I am…far stranger.  It would be hilarious if there’s a Yahoo group for this demographic.  I mean, can you imagine, “Hello, my name is Colin, and I’m a black gay Irish midget.  And you thought you had issues.”)

Sorry to forego my normal “Theological Thursday” post, but I had to run with this topic. 

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