My Omega Button

On my blog-writing toolbar, there’s a little “omega button” that looks like this: Ω.  It’s the final letter in the greek alphabet, and means “the end”.   I’ve been fascinated by it since day one, and every time I write, must resist the urge to press it. 

It carries a morbid fascination for me.   I mean, what will it do?  Is it the blog’s self-destruct feature?  Was it cleverly placed by hackers to entice me with the allure of the taboo, whereupon clicking it will flood my computer with viruses? 

Or is it even more sinister and powerful?  Mayhap clicking it will cause me to spontaneously combust!  That would bite, but if you’ve got to go, what’s sweeter than being able to say you were too hot for this world? 

Perhaps I’ve entered the Twilight Zone, and now possess the singular power and responsibility to save or eradicate the planet at the tap of a mouse. 

 Like “the One ring” it calls to me, perilous and seductive at once. 

I tell myself I’ll wait until the prophecied 2012 Apocalypse, click the button, and claim responsibility for causing or averting the disaster (either way I win–even if I violate the principle of non-contradiction).   

And how will that Armageddon come?  Is the Ω really a “Jesus button” (He is the Alpha and the Omega), at which the pressing of said instrument, the Son of Man will part the heavens to bring a can of holy smackdown,  salvation to earth?

Until then, I think I may form my own “Omega Cult”, based solely around the existence of this button, and wearing of these accessories.    And since I’m especially Machiavellian, I’ll found a second cult whose sole existence is to kick wearers of  Ω accessories in “the junk”. 

Maybe I’ll use it to blackmail the White House or UN.  You know, standard supervillain stuff, “I’ll push my Omega button, unless you pay me $1 billion dollars!”

 But that’s so pedestrian.  Still, I wonder what type of response I’d get *hand inches toward phone*. 

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