Costume Catastrophes

The perfectionist in me is highly displeased…some of you know of the Herculean trials undertaken in the search of a fake afro for my “Leon Phelps” costume.  Five costume shops–all sold out!  Luckily, with the help of my “hairdresser” (pictured below) I was able to craft makeshift hair from crepe paper.  The upside is that the crepe paper was flame resistant…


 But my troubles weren’t to end with the fro.  I neglected shrinking the 2XL “Vibe” shirt snagged at Goodwill, and the “ebony” makeup purchased to “blackify” my skin ended up making me look like a tanning casualty.  At least my impersonation was on-target.  I overheard a guest tell someone, “There’s a guy here that sounds just like the Ladies’ Man!” 

So practicing the lisp paid off.  Next year, I’m buying some afros in bulk, and I’ll sell the extras on eBay.  I have to give props to another friend who appeared at the party in the “Burger King” mask.   I think people found it creepier than the killer clown.  I’d like to prank the statues on SLU’s campus sometime, maybe by masking them all with the BK.  Or I could adorn all the nudes with play-dough clothing. 



2 Responses to “Costume Catastrophes”

  1. jonathan Says:

    that hairdress looks horrible. i just love everything i read here.
    write more please.

  2. artaban7 Says:

    jonathan–I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! The hairdress was horrible, though I’m tall enough it didn’t look quite so bad to those at “lower altitudes”.

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