Bachelor Extravaganza!

Oven Mitts.  “Drink or Dare”.  The “Bag [or Sac] of Wonder”.  Giant inflatable microphones.  Cigars and deep dish pizza.  T.P.’s caustic farts (“Dear God, it burns!”).  Vintage Sega (videogames) and the Buckeyes.  What do all these things have in common?  They were part of a two-day birthday/bachelor party that will live in memory–and appear on YouTube–for decades to come.  Epic, legendary, infamous…choose your adjective, the B.E. for the “K-man” was all these things and more!  Kudos and an internet high-five to “The Todd” for all the planning.



As with any experience that borders on the mystical in its sheer, soul-shaking awesomeness, it’ll take me a few days to recover, and words will always fail to accurately describe…I think I’m going to wait till we get the pics and vids, and then chronicle the bash, installment-style.

P.S.  I was wearing the above oven mitt(s) when I asked-out the hot waitress encountered during said extravaganza.   I’m not entirely sure I’m okay with dating a girl 8 years younger than me (19). 

One Response to “Bachelor Extravaganza!”

  1. abarclay12 Says:

    Women love men who wear oven mits. It’s fact.

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