Celebrate Hypocrisy!

Rantin Al

This is the face of your Nobel Peace Prize winner! Sagely savior, or global gasbag? One thing’s for sure, when he’s not screaming before crowds about how Bush “betrayed this country” and “played on our fears!” Gore knows how to bring reconciliation between people.

And sacrifice?! Who are you kidding? He may not have risked his life to save 2500 Jewish children from the hands of Nazi ovens. And he wasn’t arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death for it–like fellow nominee & social worker Irena Sendler–but the man gives and he gives!

Global Warming is the gift that keeps on giving, and Al certainly does his part to promote it, whether its by using 12-20 times more energy than the average American, spending over a thousand dollars a month on natural gas (a fossil fuel), or using a private jet to commute, the man is setting an example. Never mind that the methane he buys is 10X more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2.

And then there was his 1997 refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

I can only concur with my sister’s assessment of the award: “Al Gore [won]!? What a douche!”

When Mother Nature is dirty, a douche like Gore is exactly what we need. God bless you, Albert Arnold Gore!

One Response to “Celebrate Hypocrisy!”

  1. Kiki Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    Love this line:
    “When Mother Nature is dirty, a douche like Gore is exactly what we need.”


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