Psychotropic Coyote

For some reason, doing an image search for “Johnny Cash+coyote” yields pictures of donkeys.  It’s very strange. 

Earlier in the week, I taught a psychology class on perception.  Since I was in a “Halloweenie” mood (the words “hollow” and “weenie” or even “hallowed weenie” should really never be used), part of the 90 minute period covered “Altered States of Consciousness”.  I pressed the teens to debate and explore the differences between waking consciousness, dreams, near-death experiences, memory, mystical visions, and drug-induced states, and gave them some of the neuroscience and recent psych research. 

We also watched the “Guatemalan Insanity Pepper” episode of The Simpsons.   True fanboys (or girls) know this is the episode where Johnny Cash does a voice-over as Homer’s spirit-guide, a talking coyote.    

After Cash tried to eat Homer’s leg, I paused the DVD and told the teens, “If you encounter a talking animal, you kill that son-of-a-b*tch and eat it!” 

There was a moment of stunned silence, then the class erupted in laughter.   I’m told the quote joined the growing collection of “Things We Never Thought Our Campus Minister Would Say”. 

Psychotropic Coyote…what a great name for a band. 


2 Responses to “Psychotropic Coyote”

  1. TheBon Says:

    You know, I read another blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and when you come up in my feed reader I always think that you’re her. And yeah, not so much.

  2. artaban7 Says:

    Sorry to disappoint, Bon. Glad to hear from you though, given how long it’s been since we talked :). Hope all is well.

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