Furniture for the Paranoid

I don’t know if I’d file this under the “now I’ve seen everything “, or the “some people have too much time on their hands” category:

The above monstrosity is for a bedroom.  I’m guessing the coffee table version has a full-sized riot shield and detachable cans of tear gas.  Somehow I’m thinking that if you’re the type of person that would buy one of these, pretty much nothing is going to give you peace of mind.  But to each his own…I prefer Lucy (my flanged battle mace) near my bedside. 


Can you tell she’s a brunette?  I know, the lighting is a little off, but I’ve never really gone for the whole bleached blonde thing, especially not in my medieval weapons.  Hence, my instant affection for Lucy.   She proves once again that the best defense is a pure, bone-crushing offense. 


One Response to “Furniture for the Paranoid”

  1. Laney Says:

    Wow! You have seen everything and now so have I did. If someone is this concerned, certainly they have saved their parents bomb shelter or have already packed for Wyoming. For the rest of us I keep pepper spray handy. I don’t want to cause a fatality or stick around to see the result. My goal is to get out safely with my family.

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