My Halloween Costume…

Time is running out, and my imagination has provided three great costume concepts, so I’m turning over the choice to YOU. Which costume should I use?

1. The elderly Kung Fu Master.

I couldn’t find my picture of Egg Shen (Big Trouble In Little China), so this guy (Pei Mei from Kill Bill) will have to do. Fu Manchu, yes, but I’m envisioning a little less beard and a little more…paper-mache goiter. “You mock my goiter because you fear my goiter.”

2. Maverick + Wingman (for picking up the ladies).

Flightsuits and shades, all the way!

3. Leon Phelps, a.k.a. The Ladies’ Man, a.k.a. The Smoothest Man Alive  This requires me to become black, and fake the fro, but I think I can pull it off. As for getting into the personality of the character, I’m already there Wink : “My name is Leon Phelps, and to those of you that are uninitiated, I am an expert in the ways of love.” Replacing Leon’s name with my own isn’t much of an imaginative stretch…especially with the amount of dating I’ve been doing lately. 

5 Responses to “My Halloween Costume…”

  1. Phyllis Hartrich Says:

    My vote is for Pei Mei! Who could resist those eyebrows and that topknot? Lots of product to pull that off, I do believe. Think they’d notice if I showed up at work that way?
    A. Phyl

  2. abarclay12 Says:

    You’ve gotta go with Maverick/Wingman. The ladies will be all over that. Maybe you should play some beach volleyball in some tight jeans AND THEN go out in your fighter pilot outfit. Then you’re guaranteed lovin’.

  3. artaban7 Says:

    A. Phyl, I think it would be more hilarious to see what the little ones would think if you showed up as Pei Mei!

    Abarclay, if you saw me in tight jeans, it just might “take your breath away”. I’m honored to be visited by such an august personage. Your blog is an inspiration and a delight (when it’s not grossing me out–severed hands are icky!).

  4. Jane Goody Says:

    I read your posts for quite a long time and must tell you that your posts are always valuable to readers.

  5. Gina Says:

    I say Pei Mei from Kill Bill. Awesome character. The creativity you would evoke would unsurpass the cuteness of the wingman. Pei Mei all the way.

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